I'm Hayden.

Creative UX / UI Designer

I’m a freelance digital creator, researcher, and multi-medium artist. I make websites and apps human friendly.


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Department Of Education RedesignDepartment Of Education RedesignDepartment Of Education Redesign
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“ I loved working with Hayden! She's super smart, dedicated to her work, and a great designer. Her design process is exactly the type of user driven thinking that delivers quality solutions. I recognize her strengths and opportunities to see problems from both sides. She balances data-driven design with best practices and common sense. I couldn't be more thankful for the experience working with her. ”
Robert Johnson
UX/UI Bootcamp Instructor University of Arizona
About me

Creative Designer &
User Researcher

Hello and welcome to my virtual creative studio space! My personal mantra is Choose Growth Over Comfort and I use this phrase as the basis for every project I embark on.

I believe that actively growing starts with planting the seeds of creating smart goals, watering those goals with consistent forward action, and shining light on them with feedback from everyone involved in the project. This, I believe, is the perfect recipe for a project to blossom.

I strive to translate my passion for functional creative design by focusing on user based problem solving.

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